“The basic work is bodywork. People have to be brought back into their body, they have come to far into their head. They have lost contact with their body”


Bodywork, what for?


The number of people, realizing that they should pay more attention to their physical well-being, is growing rapidly, due to the need of finding relaxation and relief from increasing outer and inner stress.
Holistic, meditative bodywork can meet this need in an unique and profound manner.

Bodywork is a way to “under-stand” the whole human being through his body and its various energetic processes. The approach is to gently free the body from its restricted movement patterns and to reintegrate it in a new, holistic way.


The basic insight of holistic bodywork is: Body, heart and mind are functioning as a unit, meaning:
whatever is going on in your mind is triggering feelings and emotions, thus affecting your body and vice versa. Energetic processes in our body directly correlate with the amount of our aliveness. The more alive we are, the more energy is available to us.

Chronic tension reduces the level of energy and limits our aliveness considerably. We can find the effect of chronic tension in our body in unbalanced holding patterns and restricted movement patterns.  This goes along with not lived feelings and compulsive, repetive thought-patterns. We are very limited on all levels of our ability to move and to express ourselves, ultimately resulting in chronic pain and illness.

In order to release this chronic tensions, OSHO REBALANCING® as a holistic bodywork, includes all the leves of our being, enabling us to regain full aliveness, lightness and joy of living




The Original Osho Rebalancing® Training


Learn Rebalancing with a senior master of Osho Rebalancing®


in a 2-year- training you can become a qualified Osho Rebalancer®


Get to know Osho Rebalancing® during a Inrtoductory Workshop:

April 6.-9. 2013, Kiew, Ukraine

International Rebalancing Training 2013, Kiew, Ukraine